JK1008-2T automatic pocket welting machine

Short Description:

1. The bag opener is suitable for real bags, fake bags, T-shirt placket, especially the zipper of sports pants, which can be completed at one time, which is three times of the ordinary bag opener.

2. The folding mechanism of the automatic non-iron folding bag machine adopts the cylinder automatic folding technology, which improves the production efficiency and saves labor by eliminating the need for ironing table for folding pockets.

3. The automatic shrinkage mechanism of the internal pressure frame makes the change of the pocket’s edge trace not limited. The internal pressure frame adds the function of replaceable adjustment.

4. Automatic feeding mechanism, after machine sewing, the automatic manipulator is used for feeding, and the sewing products can be placed neatly.


  • Payment term:: T/T, L/C
  • Port:: Ningbo/Shanghai
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     JK-F161 Automatic elastic ribbon/tape splicing machine

    All elastic processing procedures: auto feeding, cutting, stitching and collecting can be done by one button push operation, one operator can look after several machines at the same time. 8000-12000pcs elastic can be stitched' 8h/set.

    Model Number: JK-F161
    Stitch Length: 0.05-12.7 mm
    Overall Dimensions: 1220x1220x1440 mm
    Sewing area device: 100x70 mm
    Weight: 120/150 KG
    Power: 750W
    Air pressure: 0.5Mpa
    Height of press foot: 25mm
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
    Max. Sewing Speed: 2700 rpm

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