Innovation in sewing equipment

In order to adapt to the three-dimensional shape of the foot, sports shoes in the past were made by sewing together small pieces of upper material to form three-dimensional uppers, which not only increased the processing time of the uppers, but also made the labour cost higher due to the long sewing time; however, most sports shoes nowadays adopt the three-dimensional woven upper process, which greatly reduces the sewing operation or even eliminates the need for sewing. The process of moving from stitched uppers to three-dimensional woven uppers is a process of iterative evolution of the demand for equipment and functions.
Take the example of the cutting machine on the cutting end again. Laser cutting equipment is better functioned in the production of bespoke sportswear and high-end brands because it can match the shape of the pattern edge lines on the fabric to be cut in a single piece and make the edges of the cut pieces smooth and free of hairiness, making the stitching of the subsequent sewing specific processes more accurate and beautiful; where the bespoke sportswear is matched with the fine cutting along the edges of the sportswear cut pieces after dyeing and printing, high-end women’s clothing The laser cutter can also be used for accurate identification of fabric strips and patterns by adding cameras and other devices to the laser cutter, so that the strips and patterns can be cut in a consistent or symmetrical way; of course, this requires better performance in the design, layout and printing of the digital printing of the front-end fabric.
The laser cutting equipment after the second development is put into use in the actual production of garment factories. As a garment manufacturer, due to the requirements of the order, do not want to meet the new process by traditional hand, it is necessary to have both the strength of the secondary development of equipment, but also to bear the investment of equipment development, with such strength of the production enterprise is actually not rare.
Therefore, for the clothing production services equipment enterprises, both to pay attention to clothing product trends, not only with the demand for clothing and apparel R & D, but consciously stand in the front end of clothing R & D, clothing trends, review their own products and clothing functional evolution of the match, to keep up with the evolution of the product; also to go deep into the functional requirements of high clothing production enterprises, such as high-end outdoor, sports and international brands processing We also need to reach out to garment manufacturers with high functional requirements, such as high-end outdoor, sports and international brand processing, to understand the needs of equipment transformation and provide solutions, so that we can use our high-dimensional position and R & D supply assurance capabilities to meet the relatively low-dimensional needs of ordinary manufacturers and achieve ease of use.

Post time: Jun-16-2023