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Mr. Lin

Zhejiang Jocky Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of complete equipment in sewing machinery, washing machinery, packaging machinery and storage machinery etc.

Our mission is to build a low carbon, high efficiency, human-machine friendly working environment since 2005. We are committed to the development and application of intelligence and automation technology. To make production efficiency generally improved and the workers’ sense of pleasure and happiness constantly enhanced during working, we continue to optimize equipment solutions.

The application of JOCKY brand sewing machinery involves food, clothing, shelter, transportation, entertainment multi-field. JOCKY brand sewing machinery products cover a full range of equipment including pre-sewing equipment (cutting), sewing equipment(sewing and embroidery) and finishing equipment (ironing, printing etc.), which are widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, automotive interiors, leather products, home textiles, sporting goods and toys etc.

JOCKY brand washing machinery products are mainly used for washing and dry cleaning industry. Products include tunnel washers, washer extractors, barrier washers, tumble driers, flat work ironers, chest ironers, automatic feeders, automatic folders and stackers etc.

Packaging machinery and storage machinery:

JOCKY packaging machinery has extensive application. Since 2005, we dedicated to the research of textile enterprises, washing enterprises, paper products enterprises and other products packaging machinery solutions. Products cover bag sewing machines, paper cup machines, face mask machines and so on. We are able to  provide professional, automatic, efficient, optimized packaging machinery and packaging materials.

Warehouse and workshop material handling system solutions are also a focus of our R&D and resource integration. All kinds of lifting tools and handling machinery, parking machinery and other related products make rich variety. As the technology of wireless and green transport are maturing, electric storage and mobile storage applications have become a trend. We emphasize the user as the center. By taking positive and effective, multi-link communication measures, we can help many enterprises to create a clean, efficient, intelligent green warehouse and workshop. We will also provide customized warehouse handling machinery as per their needs.

With more than 13 years of management, JOCKY trademark has become a world-famous brand. The products have been exported to more than 60 countries in Asia, South America, Europe, Africa and so on.

We sincerely hope to establish long-term cooperation with customers, being agent of JOCKY machinery , or personalized customization for a splendid future!

Joyful stitching with us makes you lucky.

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