JK-600LFS Straight linner fusing machine

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JK-600LFS Straight linner fusing machine

The Straight Linner Fusing Machine is a specialized device designed for the fusing process in garment manufacturing and textile industries. This machine is essential for bonding fabrics together, providing a strong and durable bond without the need for traditional sewing techniques.

Equipped with advanced heating elements and precise temperature control, the Straight Linner Fusing Machine ensures efficient and consistent fusing of fabric layers. It utilizes heat and pressure to activate the adhesive or fusible interfacing, securely bonding the fabrics together. This process creates a seamless and flat appearance while maintaining the fabric’s original flexibility.

This machine offers a wide range of adjustable settings, including temperature, pressure, and fusion time, allowing users to achieve optimal bonding results for different fabric types and thicknesses. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to operate and monitor the fusing process.

With its sturdy construction and high-quality components, the Straight Linner Fusing Machine ensures durability and reliability in demanding production environments. It is designed to withstand continuous use and provide consistent and high-quality fusing results.

Additionally, this machine offers productivity-enhancing features such as automatic feeding and conveyor systems, enabling efficient and continuous fusing of fabric panels. It also includes safety features to protect operators during operation, such as heat-resistant shields and emergency stop buttons.

In summary, the Straight Linner Fusing Machine is an indispensable tool for achieving strong and seamless fabric bonding in garment manufacturing and textile industries. Its precise temperature control, adjustable settings, and durability make it an essential asset for improving production efficiency and maintaining high-quality standards. Whether you’re fusing interfacing, appliques, or joining fabric panels, this machine will provide reliable and efficient results, ensuring a professional finish in your manufacturing processes.

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1. Big dlameter pressure roller is equipped, increasing pressure balance, fuslng quality and durability;
2. New upper heater increases heating efficiency, decrease heatloss.
3. By select heater control switch, the temperature of the upper and lower, front and rear heaters can be easily controlled.
4. The seamless belt increases the belt durability.
5. The air pressure system is adopted to make simple adjustment and correct pressure.
6. The puckering prevention roller is equipped. The position of the roller can be adjusted easlly to apply for any material.
7. Optional configurations: cooling fan device.
8. LFS is equipped with rotary strip off device as standard.
Temperature 195℃
Voltage 220v
Others Max. pressure: 62n/cmBelt speed: 10.2m/min
Power (W) 8.4KW

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